STILCO, a Lebanese Stainless Steel manufacturing company, is specialized in kitchen equipment i.e. hoods, sinks, tables, cupboards, refrigerators, tanks, etc...


STILCO , a Lebanese Stainless Steel manufacturing company , is specialized in Industrial Kitchen Equipment , i.e. hoods, sinks, tables, cupboards, refrigerators, tanks, etc…Our factory located in Roumieh-Lebanon , produces as a wholesaler, stainless steel furniture for many other esteemed companies in the field of Industrial Kitchen Equipment.

STILCO integrated vertically across the industry value chain, becoming a trading company specialized in furnishing, installing and servicing Hospitality Industrial Catering & Kitchen Equipment, by being an agent for many well known brands of heavy duty Food Service Equipment.

With our aim to gain our clients trust and be one of the leading companies in the field , we have obtained the testimony from most of our clients to be one of the best and excellent manufacturers of stainless steel equipment in the Lebanese market.

Our history and our experience in this field have been transmitted worldwide as well , providing our customers with the same level of professionalism and integrity.

After all , customer's satisfaction is the focus of everything we do , and the continuous improvement is the essential key to our success.

Services Provided (New!)

Consultancy in layout design for commercial kitchens and laundries. Design of stainless steel kitchen equipment.

Services Provided (New!)



  • Consultancy in layout design for commercial kitchens, catering and hospitality companies, and laundries.
  • Design of industrial stainless steel kitchen equipment.
  • Fabrication of stainless steel kitchen equipment by custom-made designs.
  • Installation for kitchen equipment, cold rooms and laundries.
  • Maintenance & servicing for equipment including after sales services.
  • Production of Industrial Stainless Steel Storage Tanks for various use ( Dairy products , Chocolate  , Juice , Alcoholic drink , Fuel , etc....)
  • Manufacturing and Installation of Stainless steel GREASE TRAP and GREASE INTERCEPRORS under all types of dishawashing sinks.

With our wide range of products, including hot lines, ovens, fryers, combi steamers, dishwashers, cold rooms, laundry equipment, etc...,


With our wide range of products , including hot lines , ovens , fryers , combi steamers , dishwashers , cold rooms , laundry equipment , etc... our main objective is to target the different segments related to catering business , food processing and laundries such as:

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Snacks & Fast Food Chains
  • Coffee Shops & Pastries
  • Pubs & Night Clubs
  • Laundries & Dry Clean shops